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Find out who's keeping track of your online activity and block them


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There is an 'invisible' internet where everything we do online is recorded. If you want to be free from privacy invasion, protect yourself with Ghostery.

Ghostery protects you from this 'invisible' web, blocking cookies, web bugs, pixels and beacons placed on pages like Facebook, Google Analytics and all other ad networks, behavioral data providers and web publishers.

This useful tool allows you to block scripts from untrustworthy companies, delete local shared objects, and even block images and iframes.

In addition to showing you what's going on behind your browsing, Ghostery gives you the opportunity to learn more about the companies monitoring your activity, including links to their privacy policies and opt-out options.

Ghostery also includes an optional feature called 'Ghostrank' that sends Ghostery's servers anonymous information about the trackers it finds, allowing us to create a more complete list of detectable elements and helping to create more transparent advertising.

Ghostery is built and maintained for its users who are concerned about their privacy online, and for that very reason, use of the program is anonymous, with no signing up or logging in.